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Unlock the Best Cannons with Jingle Balls Blitz Apk Version (Unlimited Money) provided by SarkariExam.tech. The game is ready to download, you can download and install it on your Android device.

Voodoo has always been famous for its simple yet highly addictive games. When referring to Voodoo, many people will think of Helix Jump or Hole.io when the offline games market is storming.

And at the end of 2018, this talented developer added a new game called Jingle Balls Blitz Apk. The game is currently released for free on both iOS and Android operating systems. If you are looking for an effective entertainment game, this is a great option.

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Jingle Balls Blitz Apk

About Jingle Balls Blitz Apk


Until now, the ball has always been an endless source of inspiration for Voodoo to create its products. Tune, fire up, or rolly vortex, the ball is always the focal point of the game. This is a very interesting point when just simple balls, developers can create various titles with great addictive power. Also, the numbers displayed in this game bring a sense of fascination to those who like to count and keep logic as a guide for their gameplay tendencies. This combination will surely bring many interesting things for the players.

In Jingle Balls Blitz Apk, your goal is to control the mobile cannon to shoot the enemies. The cannon will be fired automatically, just drag your finger to the side to move. Your opponent will bring different numbers falling from the sky. The more balls you hit, the lower the number until they reach 0, the ball will explode and the gold coins will fall.

However, the ball will not remain stationary for you to shoot. Spherical balls bounce and fall with extremely high elasticity when they hit the ground. When they are in the air and fall on you, you lose. That’s not everything! With each big ball you encounter, knocking them down will split 2 more balls with a score equal to half of the original ball. Each time you make a shot they will continue to separate the score until the size of the ball is large enough to do so.

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Jingle Balls Blitz Apk

Features of Jingle Balls Blitz Apk

The number of points per circle does not depend on its size. Be careful when watching a falling ball if it splits into two and falls on your head. Jingle Balls Blitz Apk has a case, which is small balls but many times the number of normal balls. Statistics show that 30% of players die because of this small ball. Whether you recognize it or not depends on your understanding and sportsmanship.

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The more balls you break, the more points you will get. When you win a certain number of points, you unlock the next level. But the difficulty of the game will increase with the level. The higher the level of play, the more visible the ball and the faster it moves. In times like these, you can find out your limits.

Jingle Balls Blitz Apk is made in the style of an endless run game, which means the ball will keep falling until you make a new mistake. However, it brings an interesting feel to the game because when there is progress and losses, players will have more sports psychology to set a higher record. Please do your best and invite more friends to join the game.

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super big gun

Difficulty increases with levels that require more advanced weapons to overcome. Guns, with great destructive power, allow players to shoot balls rapidly, which is an essential thing when players move to the next level.

The coins you collect during the game’s journey will now maximize your abilities when they can be used to buy items inside the store, including fireworks. Cool-shaped guns will help you win every challenge.

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Jingle Balls Blitz Apk


Jingle Balls Blitz Apk has attractive graphics, which are as simple as other voodoo games. With detailed scenes, you won’t feel bored as more vivid colors change through each different level. Advanced guns are also equipped with good stuff. I think this game can satisfy even the most demanding players.

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