Windows 12 Release Date, ISO File Expected Size, Features, Requirements

Most of us have been using Windows software on our computers since childhood. The software was last updated and given to the users in 2021. In 2021, we had Windows 11. The craze of the new versions is more in youth. The company is speculated to launch the next version of the software, Windows 12. Join us and educate us about the upcoming Windows 12 Release Date, ISO File Expected Size, Features, Requirements and further details. They are mentioned in the article. Read and get ready for an update for your PC.

Windows 12 Release Date


The software is designed by Microsoft company. It is the most popular operating system for the desktop in the world. Windows 11 was released in Sept 2022. Windows 12 is going to be released in the coming months. The new version of the software will enable many more functions and make your experience smooth.

Looking at the previous release pattern of the company, it was updated and released in 3 years gap. Hence, the techies are expecting the release in the year 2024. It might arrive, or it might not. The dates regarding the software updates are not official.

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 ISO File

The Windows 12 ISO File can be downloaded after burying it. It will require up to 9 to 10 GB of space in your system. Make sure the PC fulfils all the mentioned criteria before running the update.

The disc image or ISO file of the Windows 12 will help in installing and reinstalling the windows software. The news will be updated by the makers on the official site. It will also let the users know through their social handles.

Windows 12 Expected Size

Windows 12 cannot be updated now on your Personal computers, but you can always prepare early. The company will release an insider preview build for the public to test. You can also download that online.

It will be released a few months before the official software release. It will most likely be free for the 11-version users based on previous updates by Microsoft. The new version will require enough space to be downloaded.

Windows 12 Features

The makers are definitely working to improve the OS with the new version. Windows 12 features are not announced officially, but we can expect the

  • It will provide a New User Interface/UI. It might have a floating taskbar.
  • It will be designed to work for both touch and keyboard users.
  • We can expect a new volume husband more exciting desktop widgets.
  • The Control panel will be merged in the Settings tab.
  • It might eliminate the problem of installing the Android through the amazon app. we might be able to do this through the APK files.

The above-mentioned things are not yet confirmed but can form part of the upcoming Windows 12 features.

Windows 12 Requirements

Though all of us want to update our system to the newest version. But your system is required to fulfil specific points.

  • One Microsoft account to setup
  • Your existing PC shall have 8GB of RAM
  • To download the new version ensures 64 GB storage
  • and a 64-BIT processor.
  • Check your PC has a 1 GHz CPU clock speed.
  • Good internet connection

If your system has all the above-mentioned features, then you shall not worry. Whenever the new version arrives, you will have to just update to the new version on your same PC.

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